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About Us

With two decades of legal experience and extensive knowledge we will guide you through the
complexity of your case.

We recognize that every case is different and we are committed to fully understanding your circumstances and creating an individualized legal strategy.

Jose Carlos VillanuevA

Licensed attorney in Florida, New York, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Jose Carlos Villanueva is a criminal defense trial lawyer with over two decades of experience, dedicated to supporting clients and their families in difficult legal situations. Specializing in cases involving state and federal criminal laws, Villanueva excels at obtaining dismissals, negotiating charge reductions, and facilitating pre-negotiated surrender of fugitives. 

His legal approach combines strong defense strategies with knowledgeable advice, ultimately aiming to alleviate clients’ anxiety and assisting them in rebuilding their lives.

Villanueva is committed to working closely with you and your family, offering personalized assessments of your legal situation. He makes certain that you understand the charges filed against you, conducts an exhaustive examination of the evidence, considers possible defenses, and suggests the most effective strategy to achieve a favorable resolution.

Villanueva is respected for his ability to develop legal solutions that are practical but also effective for his clients. He is known for his constant dedication to justice and concern for the end outcomes of the cases he handles, he is recognized for his strong commitment to his clients.

Our Mission

Villanueva Law Firm, is committed to providing unwavering advocacy for individuals facing complex legal issues in the field of criminal defense. With over two decades of experience, we guide our clients through the complexities of the legal system with dedication and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes.