Se habla español

Se habla español


Challenge USPO and USAO

position on various Guidelines Enhancement Provisions.

USA v. Freddy Najara Montoya


Obtained court order vacating 40-year plea obtained over government objection.

USA v. Sanchez


Not guilty of drug trafficking. following 7-day trial.

Florida v. Palmer

(11th Jud. Cir., F09-13517)

Acquittal in murder trial.

USA v. Harris


Dismissal following order granting motion to suppress.

USA v. Rodriguez


Acquitted of Rico and 924(c) after 2 1/2 Trial.

Negotiated pleas in approx.

100 federal cases.

Every accused person is entitled to defend himself/herself from government accusations with the assistance of competent and zealous counsel who will put the government to its burden at all phases the criminal proceedings.